2 thoughts on “Astron RM-50A

  1. All the Astron supplies are rated like that. It’s not smoke and mirrors. Astron makes the best linear supply, in my opinion. All the supplies use the same regulator board. The only thing that changes is the size of the power transformer and the number of driver and pass transistors. Even better, an Astron supply can be repaired by the average ham – they don’t require a degree in Astrophysics to repair.

    I have tested the RM50 with a 250′ coil of #12 solid wire hung across the output terminals. The supply voltage doesn’t budge when hit with that kind of load, and you get a really nifty electromagnet when the coil of wire is connected!

    Switching supplies may be small and lighter but they are next to impossible to repair. Using a switching supply on a ham rig is like taking your sister to the prom – It feels really good until your friends catch you doing it!

    • I only had a brother and he didn’t look good in a dress….

      Ar 59lbs, it better be built like a brick linear amp.

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