They’re Officially Gone

They’re gone! (3X) FLdx/FRdx-401 twins, an FT-101EX, FR-101s, TS-520, and a Swan 500cx have officially departed my garage in the trunk of a Maxima –which scrapped my driveway on the way out hihi.


Thank you Bill for taking the long drive here to retrieve them and it was a pleasure to meet both you and your copilot/associate lugger Mike. Good guys both!

FLdx-400/FRdx 400 GIVEAWAY!


I have a problem. I can’t lift or carry much any more. So about a year or two ago I stacked these three FLdx/FRdx-400 radios on a bench in my garage. I just stacked them there as I got them. They will be there until someone else carries them out.

How would you like to be that person?

If you live near Cresskill, NJ (8 miles north of the George Washington Bridge), one or all of them can be yours if you stop by and haul it/them away. That’s right, THEY’RE FREE!!!! And no shipping charges.
fldx frdx

They are what they are and I can tell you it’s highly doubtful anything works. Cosmetically, they’re probably a “6” on average.

Soon to Be My Swan HF-700S

No, not the one a few posts down. Got a note from KN3C:

You really interested in a Swan 700S? I have one.  I bought it from the original owner because he needed money.  It had not been turned on in ages when I bought it.  I started to restore it, ran out of time, and then interest.  The power supply was rebuilt with new caps and a number of electrolytic caps were changed in the radio.   I had it fired up and it was receiving but it needs a good alignment.  The radio did not have finals installed when I got it so I never tried the transmitter. If you want it, it’s yours – no charge except to ship it. (We live on opposite ends of NJ.)

I immediately ran to my shrine and lit some candles to the gods of ham (Bayonne, Black Forest, Brine Cured, Canned, Corned, City, Country, and Green). Then I sent him a reply profusely packed with “Thank you’s.” A complete tube set is also on it’s way from a third party. Pictures when it arrives.

Thank you once again, KN3C!

Teach This Swan HF-700s The Words

Up for bid we have a old swan electronics single side band transceiver model number HF-700s and Swan PSU-3A power supply.


Let me start by saying I know nothing about these radios. It was in a lot we purchased from a local estate.

What I do know is the cord is cut. That being said I still wired it in to try to see if it powered up and it does!!

Power supply light comes on and there is a noticeable hum from that. The transceiver also lights up! The gauge works and all the tunes in back seem to light up. I am sure if you are use to working on these you could get it going in no time. Comes with just the two pieces pictured.

Looking for Trouble? 2X Galaxy GT-550???

Please look at the pictures.,,, BUYER NEED CLEAN IT UP.


It is a PAIR OF Galaxy GT-550 Transceiver ( NO TESTED ) ( WHAT YOU SEE WHAT YOU GET ), as picture you see.I DID NOT PLUG POWER IN TESTED .BECAUSE I DO NOT HOW TO TESTED IT * , I Found in a storage locker and now up for Sell . This is as is FOR PART OR REPAIR. No returns/refunds..Any questions please ask before bidding.thanks for looking

The listing has been updated to reflect what’s in the picture.

Swan 420 VFO

I’ve never seen it in person, but this 420 VFO was mine at one point. I had it sent with a 400 and a 117c power supply directly to my tech genius in Florida. (He repairs ALL of my equipment.) As it turned out, the 400 itself was not feasible to repair ($$$$$) by a 3rd party and the only replacement I could find had a 410 VFO and another power supply with it.

220He aligned both the 410 and 400 together (after aligning the 420 with the original 400), added some tubes to the 400, charged me a passel of money and returned it to me in great working order. Part of the deal was that I got to sell the original non-repairable 400 and he got to keep the 420 and the second power supply to defray some of the cost of the double repair. I was a happy camper

Told Steve he could do what he wanted with the parts so he’s decided to sell the 420 on –dun-dun-dun– eBay. Here it is. Take a look.


How to Price the FT-101 Family

Next time your browsing eBay looking for a bargain price on a Yaesu FT-101 (hahahahahahaha!) keep this in mind:

The FT-101 – early model 1971 (ser # <25000) was an 80-10m band transceiver brought out in the United States which was known for its strong receiver overload, TX spurs and audio problems. This includes the unofficial subtypes Mk 0 (-06000), Mk 0A (06001-07991), Mk I (08000-23999) and Mk II (24000-24999). The FT-101 – late model 1972 including the unofficial Mk IIA (ser # >25000) was the same transceiver with major modifications to receiver, regulator, IF and audio boards.
An FT-101A type was never produced.
The FT-101B – early model 1973 (ser # <6000) 160-10m band transceiver with improved IF (PB1183B), Audio (PB1315) and Noiseblanker (PB1292) boards. The FT-101B – late model 1974 160-10m band transceiver (ser # >6001) with upgraded regulator (PB1314A), IF (PB1180B) and audio (PB1315A) boards.
The FT-101BS (1973 only for the Japanese market) with a single 6JS6C tube and only 50 watt output.
An FT-101 C or D type was never produced.

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