Filling in My Icom IC-740 Junk: IC-PS15


The Icom PS-15 regulated power supply delivers 13.8 VDC at 20 amps (50% duty cycle). It employs 4 transistors and 7 diodes. The rear panel, has a hard-wired, high amperage cable with the Icom standard Molex plug plus a fuse jack (for supplied 10 amp fuse). 120 VAC input. 7.1 x 4.4 x 11.5 inches 18.1 lbs. This model of power supply has no built-in on/off switch and is designed to be switched by the radio it is connected to via two wires in the power connector.

Many ICom radios will handle turning the power on and off by themselves with no modification.

World’s Oldest Ham – 112 And Going Strong

112-Year-Old Ham Makes Us Wonder: What's the Oldest Food Out There?

In case you were wondering, this is what a 112-year-old ham looks like. Leathery, desiccated, and wholly unappetizing.

The ham, which was first cured in 1902, was found years ago in the back storage room of the Virginia-based Gwaltney foods company. It was later donated to the Isle of Wight County Museum in Smithfield, Virginia, where it remains today in a special case that keeps mold and bugs at bay. The museum even threw a 112th birthday shindig in its honor this past Saturday.

The stuff is edible, the Wall Street Journal reports, but whether it’s palatable is another question.


Not Quite a Pear – Clegg 99’er


“You are bidding on a Clegg 99’er 6 meter AM Transceiver. It is listed as a parts radio because the receiver quit working. However the transmitter portion works fine and has excellent AM quality audio. As you can see from the VHF power meter (Not included), it is putting out about 7 watts. I used this transceiver for many years running a Six Meter AM net here in California, but have acquired a Clegg Venus that I am restoring so I am letting the 99’er go.

I am including a W7FG manual and a MOD from W9FS for converting the receive VFO to also work on transmit, with out the need for a crystal or separate Xmit VFO. However I am including a crystal on 8400kc which will put the output on 50.400 Mc, the AM call frequency.  Microphone is not included. The power plug guide on the transceiver is broken, so be very careful and make sure the power plug is inserted correctly!!! OR you may have an early 4th of July celebration! Sold as is to CONUS only!  I am asking a flat $30.00 shipping fee. Payment by PayPal only!  Hope to work you on 50.400 Six Meter AM.”

For $20 I’m okay leaving it that way and making it a shelf mate for the Clegg 66’er I purchased a few months ago.

Spooky Swan 500CX?

The subtitle says, “Nice vintage transceiver from the estate of an SK.”

The description says, “This item is from my personal collection of radio gear that I have amassed over the years.”


Is he selling this 500CX from beyond the grave?

The Myth of the Swan Drift

If you tune so the received voice 1s higher than normal pitch, you will then transmit off frequency, and your voice will sound lower than normal pitch to the other station. He will probably retune his dial to make you sound right.

If you keep this up, you’ll gradually waltz one another across the band, If both of you are mistuning to an unnatural higher pitch, you’ll waltz across the band twice as fast. (And someone will no doubt be accused of frequency drift).

-from the Swan 400 manual

Swan 500

Found this on the Swan Net…


“I have a Swan 500 for sale. Power supply recapped, radio is original. It works but only puts out between 200 and 300 watts as it is. I got good audio reports on it.  It could use some TLC. I can include pictures if wanted.”

It was for sale by a priest. I took it as a sign from God.