From the Swap and Shop board of Certified Electronics:

“Looking for a Yaesu SP-101p speaker/patch (Landliner) in excellent cosmetic condition and functioning properly. Let me know what you might have…”

…and probably won’t pay more than $40 for it.

The Problem with Power Supplies

I’ve purchased three power supplies in the last two weeks (four if you count the one I returned because it looked like it had been chained to a car and dragged for a few miles, then hit with a ballpeen hammer for affect): a Swan 117xc, an Astron RS-20a, and a Ten Tec 252mo. They all suffered from the same problem: they were missing some or all of their feet.

What is it that ham operators do to these poor things that makes their feet fall off. Just seems strange.






Here is a real treasure trove for you. Included is a Swan 250 six meter SSB transceiver that has been recapped and cleaned up. Second is a spare 250 – intact and working when last used. Needs cleaning and maybe some new caps. mainly spares for the first 250. Third is a very RARE TV2. This transverter takes the 6m signal and transverts it to 2m.”

Started at $50 –shipping is estimated at $150 from State College, PA.

(I don’t have a TV2…)

Not Quite Banned Words

Any chance we can try to reduce our incessant and annoying usage of the words, “Here,” and, “There?” Seems like they occupy almost every 5th word in a QSO.

And, while we’re at it, we live on what is roughly a sphere. From any point on that sphere another point is “down” (unless you’re talking about someone who lives on top of a mountain in the next lot –and even that can be relative to the height of the mountain and its distance from you on the arc ofย  the planet).ย  So, if you’re in NC and asking someone in ME about the weather, technically it would be, “How’s the weather down there?” I know it’s probably going to be difficult after generations of looking at two-dimensional flat maps, but maybe, for the sake of accuracy, we can give it a try?

What’s Wrong With This Auction?

“ICOMM IC-730 HF Ham Radio


ICOM IC-730 HF Ham Radio. Works good. Just used it today on 40 meters. Rated up to 200w out on SSB. Preamp works, etc. Sold as-is since it is used electronics. Includes nice desk mic. In good condition for the age. All lights work, etc.”

Swan 270B

Another bargain


“From a local estate. It appears to be original and complete. I brought this up to operating voltage over several hours on a Variac. No repairs have been made. I have only tested it. Everything appears to be operating, but not good. It will probably need some tubes, filters and the alignment touched up. It operates on 80 meters with 60 watts output down to 5 watts output on 10 meters. This is measured in the tune mode. The receiver operates on all bands. The carrier will null.”

…and no, I didn’t already own one. (But I do have plenty of Swan tubes.)

Yaesu FT-200

Supposedly it’s working… (and the negotiated price was right.)


Yaesu FT-200 HF Transceiver with Power Supply/Speaker. This unit is in great cosmetic and working condition. I have been guaranteed by the previous owner that the unit is fully functional.
Yaesu HF-Transceiver FT-200.
Frequencies: 80 m to 10 m;
RF-Output: 100 W;
Modes: AM/SSB/CW.
Acc: Power supply FP-250 in a separate housing with speaker,
DC/DC-converter DC-250 for mobile use.”

Yes, I Know It’s a Fake – Henry Tempo One Silver Anniversary Edition

“I received this Tempo One a year ago from a local ham. I was very intrigued about the Silver Anniversary and chrome plate and thought it might be something significant. I have waited for another one to come up for sale. I have not seen any others like it.

I do not know what or why it is chrome and I do not know why the matching speaker has silver anniversary on it. Perhaps it was a gift to an employee, or someone just liked it, I do not know. Anyway, I have decided it is time for it to go. Being offered at a fair buy it now. This transceiver was presented to me as a working unit when I got it.”


…but it was my birthday yesterday. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Ten Tec Model 546 Omni-D Series C


“This is Ten Tec model 546 Omni D Series C Digital transceivers, 160-10 meter (WARC), CW,SSB, positions plus 3 active audio CW filter, it also has 217 crystal filter 500hz CW. It is in very good working condition. The radio does a good 100 watts output. It comes with power cable. But with all electronic it is sold as is but not DOA.”

I had a heck of a time paying for it (eBay’s checkout was severely demoralized). First Ten Tec I’ve owned.