Buying Stupid – Yaesu FT 901DM


You are bidding on Yaesu FT 901DM being sold for parts I do not have a power cord to test it It looks to be complete and in good physical condition but its being sold for parts and not working Sold as is buyer to pay shipping.

$275 starting bid for the radio. Power cord is $100 if you can find one. That would be a minimum of  $375 and no advance warning about what (if not everything) might not be working and unsuitable for spares… Feeling lucky, punk?

Does the Coyote Know About This?


Nice vintage Acme Electric Corp type T-8394M voltage transformer/stabilizer.

I powered it up and it seems to be working properly–Maintains 115 to 120v (eg. select 95v on the input switch and apply the actual 95volt into the transformer input and will get an output of 115 to 120v out, or lets say you select 105 v input on the selectable switch, and then you actually apply 105 volts to the input, you still will get an output of 115 to 120 v.) So, it’s kind of a voltage stabilizer.

I have no clue what you would use this for, but I checked the completed transaction section on eBay for this model and it looks like perhaps Ham operators may be interested in it.

Only the transformer as shown in the supplied photo’s of the actual item is included in this auction and nothing else. This is a previously owned and used item and shows signs of usage–please do not expect a new looking item–but I think it still looks pretty good–check out the photo’s and see what you think.

Found a Power Cable for My FT-7B

It was attached to a Yaesu FT7

$_13 $_12

  • 80-10 meters
  • 100 kHz Calibrator
  • Receiver Offset Tuning
  • Semi-break-in with sidetone
  • Compact Size
  • Internal VFO / Ext. VFO / Fixed (optional)
  • MOS FET Receiver Front-End
  • Single Knob Tuning

The Yaesu FT-7 amateur transceiver covers 80 to 10 meters in CW, LSB and USB modes. Power input is 20 watts. Operation is from 12 VDC at 3 amps. (230x80x290mm 5 kg). Shown above with included YF-846 hand mic.


Heil EP PS Pair Pro Set/Pro 5 Ear Pad

Okay, so what do I know? I’m still just a casual ham… You might remember back to last year when my then new puppy ate the ear cushions from my Yaesu YH-55 head phones. I went back to eBay and bought another pair.

Truth be told, there was no real damage to the hardware, just the “soft wear.” So, last week when I saw a set of Heil EP PS Pair Pro Set/Pro 5 Ear Pad on Radio Mart’s web page I bought them. Spent last night sliding them on (surprisingly simple job were it not for the carpal tunnel and neuropathy) and, voila!! My YH-55 has been restored.

Found a Galaxy V Power Supply

There was a Galaxy V Mk III and a speaker attached to it.

$_57 $_58 $_59

  • Galaxy V Mark 3 SSB CW Ham Radio
  • Advertised 500 Watts of SSB Power! (Seller forgot to mention that’s Input Power..Typically a little less than half finds its way out onto the antenna. Still, not bad and comparable to my FTdx-560/570.)
  • Thoroughly clean inside and out!
  • Pots and switches cleaned with deoxit gold.
  • Comes with optional Crystal Calibrator and VOX module!
  • Also includes the AC-400 AC Power Supply
  • Also includes the SC-35 Speaker Console
  • Also includes two spare GE 6LB6 tube finals
  • Systems powers up and draws 2.8 amps at 115volts (Non-Xmit)
  • All dial lights work
  • S-Meter works fine
  • All Tubes light up as well as finals
  • All internal components look great! No overheated resistors
    or jiffy-pop capacitors!
  • No further testing was done, I do not have a proper mic.
  • Lid on the AC-400 Power supply has been repainted flat black, looks good.

Most importantly, it has a manual! At least with all the lights working I’ll be able to see if it transmits and receives.

Has No One Seen A Galaxy V AC-35 Power Supply?

I can’t even find a picture of one! Google seems to think it has something to do with a Samsung smart phone. Oi!


And probably because I’m an idiot, I can’t make heads nor tails of its power plug assignments. I thought it was supposed to be an AC/DC rig but huh?

Clues anyone? If you’re not a registered subscriber, you can reach me at