My Fan Has Been Found!!

Back in July I bought an FT-401B from a Canadian seller. It arrived in very disheveled condition. Aside from 2/3 of the tubes having been shake loose from their sockets, the fan was smashed on the back.

back01That was actually the worst of the problems because this Yeasu uses a Kondo fan that has no lower overhang for the motor. (You can get a standard 4-pin fan to fit but you need to do some grinding or gasket build-up to get it there.) So what do my wandering eyes behold on eBay this afternoon? The fan! After only 6 months of looking!


Looking good!

The Dog Ate My Earphones!

He really did. Our newly arrived and 10-month old Bentley (Bear 2 died last month), yet another in a string of Norwegian Elkhounds, found where I stashed my Yaesu YH-55 headphones and he devoured the ear pads. I was heart-broken. (Hahahahahahahaha!) So I found a replacement YH-55 on eBay.


Not bad for $29 (including shipping.)


Ever Hear of a QRP FT-747

Apparently it was sold into the Japanese market, where the seller bought it years ago.

747qrp01 747qrp03

Although in working order, as you can see in the top picture, the radio is missing its logo plate and the MOX button. No problem. As luck would have it, I was able to buy the destroyed 747GX for a fraction of its original selling price so I have a whole platform of replacement parts –including a full-power PA unit if I want to swap out the 10 watt unit.

Ham Neck Alert!

Okay, where to start on this one? Simply put, Motorola has applied for a patent of a microphone with a transceiver and power supply that is designed to be tattooed onto your throat.


The idea is to capture vibrations directly from your larynx in order to cut out background noise — while eliminating something else you could lose, we imagine. The skin-borne device could communicate with your handset or other portable device by Bluetooth, NFC or other wireless protocols and would pack a battery that “may or may not be rechargeable.” The patent adds that the technology could also be applied to “other animals,” so we’re a bit concerned that Motorola is taking its wearable schemes in the wrong direction.

From Engadget

Selling My FP-757HD

Never opened the box it arrived in…


It’s on eBay with a starting bid of $80.

“Bought this FP-757HD about a week ago on eBay for a 757GX I purchased at about the same time. Then I saw the smaller FP-757GX and bought that yesterday. So I’m selling the FP-757GX power supply/external speaker. I haven’t even opened the box it arrived in. The pictures above are the ones the original owner provided in his auction. They’re fuzzy. Maybe on purpose. Look at the first one carefully, It seems that there might be some damage to the grill. Note that no power cord is shown for the unit so I presume none was included. It’s not the usual Yaesu Cinch-Jones variety. It appears to be a standard 3-prong computer-type power cord. (manual) Typically they sell between $9 and $12.

According to the original auction, “yaesu hd 757 power supply works very good.” In as much as I have not opened the box and cannot verify the condition myself, it’s being sold as a parts or repair unit with no refunds or returns. When it gets to you, it;s yours. Paypal accepted. CONUS only. Insurance included in shipping cost. Starting bid is lower than I paid for it.

Damage Control

Sometimes, after UPS or the USPS has dropped your radio on its face several times and the person who shipped it to you has only packaged it in Kleenex, your radio may sustain some damage.


Many times it’s a complex repair but it could just be a coupler…


Sometimes just the coupler gets destroyed (sometimes!) and simply replacing it will fix the problem. I bought 3.

Ham Splatter

You see, you innocently buy an FT-840 and while you’re waiting for it to arrive (later today, in theory, hopefully in one piece) you check out associated accessories. And then you end up buying an FP-800 power supply for it (arrived this morning).


And then this morning I’m checking around and I find an FC-10.


It’s a Yaesu automatic antenna that’s compatible with the FT-840. So I’m bidding on it. It’s like being trapped in a net. Or something.

UPDATE: The tuner went for north of $200 and that’s even too silly for me. I unretired an AT-11MP and I’ll be using that instead.



Bye-Bye IC-740 For Now

There comes a time in every rigs life when it needs to visit the doctor (Or maybe The Radio Smith.)


Such was that time for my IC-740. There was really nothing wrong with it. I felt it needed a general tune and align as long as I was sending it in to find out why the noise blanker was acting like an attenuator and why there was no audio coming out of the rear speaker jack. Let you know what happens.

1st Update: Well, it probably would  have helped if I’d plugged the external speaker into the external speaker jack and not the CW jack…

I’m a Sucker for a Pretty Face: Yaesu FT-840

With my FT-747 dashed on the rocks of UPS, I found myself in the awkward position of expecting to unbox and try a radio this weekend. Not gonna happen. Bummed. I also had anticipated the radio by buying an FM-747 FM board for it. I had to amortize my expenses. I didn’t want another 747 just yet. I’m still recovering (in a manly way, of course) from the crushing emotional shock and horror of extricating its broken body from the box. So I did the next best thing: I bought an FT-840.


Why an FT-840? Among it’s list of optional accessories is the FM-747 FM board. Ah! I’m not stupid! Dumb maybe, but certainly not stupid.