Swan 250 with 117XC

I have two Swan 250’s right now. One of them was declared a basic waste of time while the other has never left the box it arrived in. This one says it works.




“Just in time for the upcoming Es season. A tested working Swan 250 6 Meter Transceiver. This radio operates on SSB, CW and AM modes. The radio has been bench tested and has also been used on the air. It comes with the matching 117CX AC power supply and an Astatic 525 hand mic (marked Pace). I will also include a photocopy of the user / service manual with a schematic. All cabling for AC operation with the 117CX is also included.

The radio receives a -130 dBm signal without a problem and will put out 50 to 60 Watts CW. The driver tube (6GK6) is a bit soft so more power can be had if this was replaced. Both the 6146 final tubes were tested in an EICO 667 Dynamic conductance tester and measured at 120%. The last photo shows the output spectrum with the transmitter putting 60 Watts into a dummy load. Several on the air contacts have been made with the radio using the supplied hand mic and all audio reports were very favorable. Cosmetically the rig is in reasonable shape with no major scratches or dents in the front panels. The covers have some scratches and the 250 cover has been repainted (see photos).”

If you see the other two up for sale, it means it does work. 😉

How to Store Your Wall Warts


Found this on the internet a while ago. I apologize for not remembering where. The outlets have no power connected to them. They’re just used as a place to stick a wall wart so it’s not laying on the round, getting kicked around.

Holy Swan 140!

My Swan 140 arrived on Friday. Just got it upstairs and out of the box yesterday. (Told you I was disabled.) HOLEE!




Sheeeesh! At least the 9 extra holes were free. 😉

Swan 350 Mystery Board

mysterySwan 350 mystery board attached to the bottom of the radio. The 350 arrived last night and hopefully I’ll get a chance to look at it over the weekend. So far, the suggestion is that it’s a CW keyer board but none of the support docs mention a tube as part of the circuit.

Collins Station for Sale on eBay

For sale is a complete Collins ham radio station from an estate. Included is as follows:


Collins 32S-1 Transmitter —SN 10869
Collins 75S-1 Receiver —SN 511841
Collins Station Control
Collins power supply and other misc equipment

This equipment hasn’t been used for many years but was functioning well when last used. I am sure it will need some TLC before start-up so plan to do a little work on it before use. One of the connector cords is missing and the power cord shows wear and needs to be updated or replaced. I am not a HAM operator and am only trying to find a home for this equipment. Reasonable offers will be considered.

Swan 400 For Sale



An eBay deal from June of last year. I’m not sure how much I’m into The Radio Smith for time spent over the last three months but he’s officially declared it a “Platinum Screwdriver” case. (That’s an order of magnitude greater than a “Golden Screwdriver” case.) And most likely prohibitively expensive for 3rd-party repair.

If you have the skills and manual dexterity I don’t, you might be able to repair it for almost nothing but there are no guarantees and no refunds or returns. You’d be buying a pig in a poke with no assurances that it’s even a pig.

You’ll need a Swan VFO and Power Supply for it (the radio does not have an internal VFO).

Check my eBay auction.